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About Me

I'm a freelance guitar player from Sweden. I work with and love to play guitar, play music, record and tour. I grew in the roots genre (Rock n roll, Country, Blues, Soul and Rockabilly) but play many different styles today depending on what type of gig I stumble on. Everything from Western Swing to Pop. A good song is a good song. I'm playing with acts such as Eva Eastwood, Nassim Al Fakir, Lily Locksmith, The touring tribute show called "A Date With Elvis".. and more. I'm available for gigs and sessions and also lessons so feel free to email me if you have any questions or just want to get in touch. 

On this website I will regularly post updates about my music, tour dates and other stuff related to what I do. At the moment I'm updating everything here so stay tuned for updates and news.



My name is Chris Bergström. I grew up in Gästrikland in a little village outside of Sandviken called Järbo. I first picked up the guitar when I was 13 years old and about to turn 14. Then quite soon started a Rockabilly Trio called The Runaways Boys which later became High Speed Generation. Time went by and since then the music road has taken me to a lot of interesting and nice meetings and I've got the opportunity and honor to play with so much talented and cool people.  

Today I work as a professional guitarist and musician, 
living in Örebro but travel a lot in work. 
Been touring and doing sessions for quite a while now and I am available 
for guitar works such as gigs, studio sessions, composing, guitar lessons (in personal or via skype), could do workshops or lectures. 
Lead guitar player for Eva Eastwood, A Date With Elvis, Lily Locksmith Band, Hawkins Hawaii Trio,  to name a few. Also doing freelance work in different ensembles, bands and other contexts. Have also worked with acts such as Nassim Al Fakir, Stefan Nykvist, The Go Getters, Gene Taylor, Levi Dexter, Top Cats, Fanny Mae & The Dynamite Believers, John Lindberg Trio, Miss T Bones, Martin Riverfield, Rocket Overdrive, The Troubled Three, Sandviken Big Band, Ida Long, High Speed Generation, Adora Eye, 
Fredrik Swahn, Riley McOwen & The Sleazy Rustic Boys, The Boppers et al.
Send me an email if you're interested in my work. Hope to hear from you soon. 

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